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"Where shall we go to-day?"

The Mission
Our aim is to make a wealth of skills and experience available to tourism related businesses and organisations.

What can we do for you?
Well, amongst other things we can research and provide information, we can solve problems for you, or make a diagnosis and re-define a problem. We can make recommendations based on the diagnosis, and assist with implementing solutions if you wish.

Why use a consultant?
You might use a consultant as a way to cope with workload peaks, and provide temporary assistance when it is needed. Or to be able to use trained, motivated people without the cost associated with training, recruitment, or entering into an ongoing commitment to employ staff.

Perhaps you want an objective, unbiased view; to receive impartial advice without a vested interest in the result. Sometimes it is easier for staff to adapt to external advice rather than from someone they think has an axe to grind.

Another reason might be that a short-term crisis has arisen. Maybe it needs skills not immediately available within your workforce.

A consultant can be a good way to initiate change, acting as a catalyst in stimulating ideas in a strongly structured organisation that might otherwise be resistant to change.

When one-off projects, such as the need to build a persuasive case for funding support arise, consultants with experience in similar areas elsewhere can increase your chances of success.

What to Look For
It follows that there are two main considerations when choosing a consultant.

You are either looking for specialised technical knowledge and experience, or you want someone who can bring specific qualities such as analytical ability or diagnostic skills or selling and persuasive skills to resolve your problem.

You can find out more about what we can do for you, if you follow these links to the particular skills we can bring, and the sort of experience and background we offer.

You can also see an outline of the normal arrangements leading to our engagement if you are not familiar with using consultants, and if you want to know about the values and ethics that are the core of the business. You can find out more about our business profile and philosophy.

If you are still unsure, just send us an email or make contact by phone or letter. We are happy to talk with you.

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